Tychons Promotional Module

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Compatibility with Magento 2.4.0 and subsequent releases.
A versatile and adaptable solution designed for showcasing promotional products.
Assistance for featuring promotional products across the Product Listing Page, Product Detail Page, and Search Listing pages.
Capability to advertise products under various designations, such as holiday season promotions, unboxing events, or refurbished Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
Capable of promoting products with either identical or distinct SKUs
Personalize the theme color for promotional banners.
Effortlessly handle inventory and pricing independently for products promoted under the same SKU.
The configurations of promotional products can be customized at the individual store level.
The default “catalog_product” import in Magento admin allows for the importation of product attributes.
The promotional label serves to designate a product as promotional, such as a refurbished or open-box item, on the Product Detail page.
Capability to manage credit memos (refunds) for purchased promotional products.
The promotional product label will be incorporated into the order item’s description to distinguish it from other products.
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